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Kazakh Invest

The Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a government body of the Republic of Kazakhstan that carries out management:
• in the spheres of industry and industrial-innovative development, scientific and technical development of the country, mining and metallurgical complex, development of the local content, mechanical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industry, light, woodworking and furniture industry, construction industry and production of construction materials;
• of safety of machines and equipment and safety of chemical production according to the branch orientation;
• of the state investment policy and the policy fostering investments, creation of a favorable investment climate;
• of creation, functioning and abolition of special economic zones;
• export control;
• of technical regulation and ensuring uniformity of measurements;
• of mineral resources, except for hydrocarbonic raw materials;
• of the state geological studying, reproduction of mineral raw material base, rational and complex subsurface use, public administration of subsurface use regarding underground waters and therapeutic muds, solid minerals, except for uranium and coal;
• of energy saving and increase of energy efficiency, the tourist activity, realization of the state policy fostering investments;
• in the spheres of railway, motor, inland water transport, trade navigation, in the field of use of airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan and activity of the civil and experimental aviation, motor roads;
• of industrial safety;
• of communications, informatization and the "electronic government", information;
• of space activity.

Public organization “Investments Committee under the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan” fulfills regulative, realizing and control functions and takes part in fulfilling the strategic functions of the Ministry in the field of public investment policy and the policy of support of investments, creation of favorable investment climate, as well as creation, functioning and abolition of special economic zones.

The operator of the website is JSC "National Company «KAZAKH INVEST» under the Ministry of Investment and Development of the RK.
KAZAKH INVEST National Company JSC is the official body in the field of attracting investments to the Republic of Kazakhstan. It has a wide network of its representatives abroad.
KAZAKH INVEST National Company JSC provides a full range of services to support investment projects from idea to implementation on the principle of "one-stop shop" and acts as Unified Coordination Center for Special Economic Zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

KAZAKH INVEST will pay an important role in establishing links between local companies and foreign investors, performing functions after project maintenance and coordination. Examples of such measures will include linkages and the development of databases of multinational companies (MNCs) and local suppliers, the joint development of vendor development programs, and the promotion of broader reforms, often in cooperation with other government agencies.
KAZAKH INVEST performs the following role:
• a single negotiator representing the interests of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan when discussing the prospects and conditions for the implementation of investment projects;
• a single point of access to the system of public services, including both state support for investors in the form of investment preferences, and issuing various permits and approvals necessary for the implementation and further operation of investment projects.

Thus, proceeding from the "one-stop-shop" principle, "KAZAKH INVEST" will realize functions that exclude or minimize the need for the investor in interaction with the representatives of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.