EXPO Astana 2017

Finland Finland:


Capital: Helsinki
Government: Unitiary parliamentary rebuplic
Official Languages: Finnish, Swedish
Inhabitants Number: 5503879

Expo Commissioner: Severi Keinälä
Expo National Day: 20-06-2017
Pavilion informations: Finland – Sharing Pure Energy The exhibition design of the Finnish Pavilion 2017 shares a story about Finland, energy and its future. The Pavilion represents the values of Finnish society which lay the foundation for energy-related questions. The Pavilion consists of four individual freestanding buildings: Pure Energy, Smart City, Clean Water and Excellent Education. • In the Pure Energy and Smart City buildings, the visitors get acquainted with today’s Finnish green energy, innovations, businesses and services for the benefit of the whole society. • In the Clean Water -building the audience will learn about the water circle - how fresh, drinkable tap water in Finnish cities is not only a technological achievement but requires also legislative and educational solutions. • In the Excellent Education -building the visitors discover that for sustainable society, education is crucial - and for the Finnish education system in turn, innovations in teaching methodology and school design are important. The exhibition builds a narrative of Finland’s holistic approach towards energy challenges in modern world. It oscillates between digital and natural, representing Finlands close relation to nature and solution-based mindset of tackling environmental challenges with clean technology. The design begins with a video installation of Finnish energy leaders discussing the challenges around energy and ends with interviews of children sharing their dreams and visions for the future. Finally, the Finnish pavilion is not only telling a story of sustainability, but it is constructed sustainable. The buildings are built from wood: an ancient, natural construction material, which is at the same time high tech. Finland grows more wood than it uses, making wood products the most sustainable form of construction today. The Finnish Pavilion 2017, combined with digital design and manufacturing techniques, is exploring new experiences in wood construction.
Additional informations: National Day of Finland on 20th of June at Astana Expo 2017 Finland celebrates its National Day on 20th of June in the honor of the centenary of Finland’s independence. The program starts with official ceremony at Expo premises and continues with the Gala Dinner at Radisson Astana. The high-level delegation from Finland will be attending the event. The program brings a great set of Finnish music to Astana varieying from jazz and classical to pop-singers. Saara Aalto (second placement in UK`s X-Factor 2017) is one the talents performing on that day! Also Joulupukki (Santa Clause) will pay a visit in the pavilion! Joulupukki arrives to Astana with Finnairs first direct flight from Helsinki. Kids Day 27.7 On 27th of July, kids are in the spotlight of the day. We welcome all kids to take part in the days activites! Little pricensses and princes will even find a magical castle inside the pavilion where they will be photographed! Join Dibidogs competition in becoming ambassadors for greener future! Finland and the award winning Finnish TV-characters Dibidogs wish to promote a greener future for all the kids around the world. The Dibidogs is an animated television series originated from childrens ideas. Participate in the competition for children by drawing pictures or writing short stories for future series of Dibidogs. You can participate as an individual children or with a school class by showing what you can do to help the environment feel better. The winner school class will be awarded on 20th of June on Finlands National Day at Expo 2017. More information
The web site of the Finnish Pavilion
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