EXPO Astana 2017


Focus on the region

President: Luca Ceriscioli

County seat: Ancona

Other provinces: Pesaro e Urbino, Macerata, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno

Number of citizens: 1.539.728 (at 30-6-2016)

Information about the region

Marche is an Italian region of central Italy facing east on the Adriatic Sea, through its capital Ancona. The Umbria - Marche Apennine marks the border with Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio; to the north the region borders with Emilia-Romagna and the Republic of San Marino, to the south with Abruzzo.

Marche is characterized by a vocation to plurality; the same plurality of the name affirms its fundamental unity even in the richness of local aspects: the vocation to the autonomy of each zone is paradoxically the most unifying factor.

Indeed, the region is distinguished by a strong homogeneity: the agrarian landscape characterized by small patches bounded by oaks, derived from the hay, the laborious, temperate and reserved character of the inhabitants. The urban dimension of any small town, a history Parallel autonomies, a singular wealth of well-known artists and scholars, an economic and entrepreneurial model (the "Marche model") typical and exemplary are the characteristics that made Marche a unique region in Italy.

The main traditional sectors are of Marche economy are leather, footwear, textiles, clothing, wood and furniture, mechanical, agro-food, naval shipbuilding. To them are added new areas of production innovation based on new technologies and more and more research oriented to make sustainable the economical development of Marche Region.

Information about content promoted during Expo Astana

The presence of the Marche Region at Expo Astana 2017 will be as Macro-Region of central Italy, in fact, there will be simultaneously the three regions of central Italy: Marche, Tuscany and Umbria in the Italy Pavilion.

The theme chosen to characterize the territory will be energy as a vector of social cohesion and inclusion, to be decline forward in a large number of ways: efficiency and energy saving, renewable energies, intelligent infrastructures and networks, research and innovation, technology transfer.

Introducing itself as a unique system is an opportunity for all three regions, enabling the whole central axis of the central Italy to be enhanced by increasing the possibilities of creating economic and commercial relations to be developed both in Astana Expo, and in the Dubai Expo 2020.

The Marche Regions energy will be "recounted" through the studies and research paths conducted by the University of the Region in collaboration with the Universities of the whole world: a look at the future told through the energy of new generations of students.

The synergy between Universities, Research Centres have also created concrete projects with local businesses, active and vivid innovators in the field of energy efficiency and mindful of the importance of the impact that the use of alternative energy sources has on the level Comfort and quality of life of individuals.

This is why the Marche Region stands out among the regions of Europe where the expectation of life is longer.

Event calendar of the protagonism week

Regional agenda of Marche, Toscana and Umbria activities in Expo Astana 2017:

  • June 24th, Italian Pavilion C13

    3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

    Macro-regional Central Italy inaugural moment

    Presentation of the joint presence of the Regions Marche, Tuscany and Umbria in the space reserved for the Italian Regions to contribute to the national narrative in the energy sector.

    3 p.m. – Greetings from the Institutions and inauguration of regional space (Consigliere – Marche Region; Assessore – Toscana Region; Assessore – Umbria Region)

    3.30 p.m. - Cutting the ribbon and visiting the exhibition space

    4 p.m. - Presentation of art objects placed in the exhibition space

    4.30 p.m. - Press conference with local and international press

  • June 24th, Italian Pavilion C13

    11 a.m. – Business Meeting with local partner

  • June 24th, Ambassador’s Residence

    Networking cocktail

    6 p.m. – Ambassador’s greeting to the Institutional and Business Delegation

    Presentation of the business delegation of Marche, Tuscan and Umbrian companies. Introduction to the Academic Seminar by the Universities of Marche, Tuscany and Umbria

    7 p.m. – Presentation of the investment plan of the Marche Region, Tuscany and Umbria

    7.30 p.m. – Tribute to the genius of Rossini and Puccini through the interpretation of their works

    8 p.m. – Cocktail

  • June 26th, Italian Pavilion C13

    2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

    Seminar: Regional Energy sources as drivers for sustainable development: Italian best practices and innovation strategy for a cohesive and “Identitary” policy of Local Communities

    Chairman: Professor Riccardo Basosi - Full Professor of Physical Chemistry & Lecturer of Energy and Sustainability University of Siena; Italian Permanent Representative H2020 Energy EU Program and MIUR Delegate in the SET Plan Steering Committee


    Professor Riccardo Basosi - Introductory remarks on European and Italian Energy Policies toward Sustainable Development



    Professor Loredana Torsello - COSVIG & DTE Tuscany Region

    Professor Franco Cotana - University of Perugia


    Professor Carlo Carcasci – University of Firenze

    Professor Franco Cotana – University of Perugia


    Professor Gabriele Comodi – Politechnic University of Marche Region

    Professor Maria Federica Ottone – University of Camerino

    Professor Umberto Desideri – University of Perugia

    5 p.m. Networking between companies and local operators