EXPO Astana 2017


Focus on the region

President: Catiuscia Marini

County seat: Perugia

Other provinces: Terni

Number of citizens: 894.762

Information about the region

Umbria is one of the smallest regions in Italy but has an extraordinary landscape variety. Its location at the centre of the peninsula gives it a crucial role. The territory is a succession of chains of mountains and valleys, highlands and plains, more or less extensive. The region is rich in water: the main river is the Tiber, where all other rivers converge. There are many sources of mineral water and the Marmore Falls is the highest in Europe.

In Umbria every village, church or square tells a story often depicted by objects hosted in museums: from the Romans to the Etruscans, from the Romans to the Longobards, from the Renaissance masterpieces to the masters of contemporary art. Umbria with its landscape, richness of art, quality of life, its operability, has always invested in the identity of a land rich in knowledge. Art, environment and work are the fundamental principles on which the identity of our region and its people is based, a unique and unmistakable heritage.

Umbria is an austere earth sometimes bitter and difficult, but it produces intense flavours and genuine fruits, often poor, but capable of emanating unique character and taste sensations. Umbria is the Region of Festivals, extraordinary opportunities for discussions and encounter of expressive languages ​​from all over the world. Umbria is a green heart that offers itself to the world with humility and composure but capable of great impulses that arise from the outside of an intuition and the perfection of simplicity. Landscape, events and spirituality are the qualifying elements of a welcoming experience in a land rich in time.

Information about content promoted during Expo Astana

The Astana Expo represents a way of getting acquainted with our countrys renewable energy and its energy efficiency capabilities, always with a look at the realities of the territories and to the traditional beauty of the Italian landscape, particularly the Umbrian landscape.

Through the Expo Astana, the Umbria Region wants to promote the best regional experiences in the field of sustainable energy development; the exchange of knowledge on the future of energy with the actors of society, academic and scientific institutions; the scientific and technological development of “clean” energy ; an innovative platform for the distribution of modern technologies and knowledge aimed to create a “green” and sustainable future.