EXPO Astana 2017

Malaysia Malaysia:


Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Government: Federal Constitutional Monarchy

Official Languages: Malay & English

Inhabitants number: 31,660,700

Expo Commissioner: H.E. Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang

Expo National Day: 10th July 2017

Pavilion information:

Front Façade

Strong Malaysia branding and LED screens flanking the front entrance arrest the attention. Larger-than-life images of the best of Malaysia from idyllic islands in the sun to charming people, special visual effects and more, create interest and a positive impact.

Powering the Nation

Enter this section by going through a virtual waterfall. Enjoy an immersive rainforest experience with its sights and sounds enhanced by advanced projection mapping and Virtual Reality technology. Additionally, there’s a large projection of Malaysia’s 60 years of progress and touchscreens covering Malaysia’s leading efforts in sustainability and biodiversity.

National Transformation: Clean Energy

This section showcases Malaysia’s commitment and world-class credentials in producing clean energy. It features interactive stations covering natural gas, the cleanest of the fossil fuels, a large section on Malaysia’s solar industry and other Malaysian Renewable Energy efforts in biomass, biogas, hydropower and geothermal. Look out for the spectacular 3600 presentation – a “clean energy beam” telling the story of clean energy for all.

Empowering the Vision

This section focuses mostly on Malaysian achievements in Energy Efficiency, featuring cutting-edge Malaysian green technologies, especially world-leading developments in GaN-on-GaN technology. At our interactive game table, challenge a friend to build an ideal green building in the fastest time.

Energy of Harmony

This section showcases Malaysia’s unique harmony of many races & cultures. Try on colourful Malaysian costumes at our Digital Mirrors. Take advantage of our photo opportunity walls. There are live cultural performances, craft demos and more. And don’t forget to take a bit of Malaysia home with you – order Malaysian food or get attractive souvenirs from our self-order kiosks.

Additional information:

The Malaysia Pavilion with the theme "Powering Green Growth will showcase the best of the countrys best practices, innovative solutions and technologies in the area of energy and green technology. There will be business and trade activities to promote bilateral trade activities and knowledge sharing including showcasing the best of Malaysias cultural, culinary and handicrafts. A total 150 organisation & entities has confirmed their participation as Malaysias  delegations throughout the 3 months (13 weeks).

Malaysias Business Lounge on Level 2 will be broken up to 13 weeks of activities that includes pocket talk and showcase of Malaysian companies.

  • Week 1 (12-16 June) – Renewable Energy
  • Week 2 (19-23 June) – Energy Efficiency
  • Week 3 (26-30 June) – Green Innovation : Powering Your Future
  • Week 4 (3-7 July) – Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Week 5 (10-14 July) – Business & Tourism Week
  • Week 6 (17-21 July) – Green Financing
  • Week 7 (24-28 July) – Green Products & Services
  • Week 8 (31 July - 4 Aug) – Sustainable Cities
  • Week 9 (7-11 Aug) – Green Transportation
  • Week 10 (14-18 Aug) – Education Week
  • Week 11 (21-25 Aug) – A Week in Malacca
  • Week 12 (28 Aug - 1 Sept) – #myButterflyWeek
  • Week 13 (3-7 Sept) – Green & Halal Week

In addition, Malaysia Pavilion is organising and hosting social and business events which we welcome all stakeholders of the Astana Expo 2017.


  • Date: 10th June 2017, Saturday
  • Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
  • Venue: Malaysia Pavilion Hall


  • Date: 10th June 2017, Saturday
  • Time: 8.30pm – 12.00am
  • Venue: Khazret Sultan Mosque, Astana


  • Theme: Tapping the Potential of the ASEAN Energy Market
  • Date: 12th June 2017, Monday
  • Time: 9:00am – 2.00pm
  • Venue: Astana Marriott Hotel (Grand Ballroom)


  • Date: 10th July 2017, Monday
  • Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm
  • Venue: Expo National Stage


  • Date: 10th July 2017 (Monday)
  • Time: 7:30pm – 10.00pm
  • Venue: Ritz Carlton Hotel (Ballroom)

MALAYSIA BUSINESS FORUM: Business Opportunities in Malaysia

  • Date: 12th July 2017 (Monday)
  • Time:  9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Venue: Ritz Carlton


  • Date: 30th August 2017 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm
  • Venue: TBA

For further information on activities under the Malaysia Pavilion, please contact Zaid Karim Shaari at zaid@greentechmalaysia.my or HP: +6012 2977625