EXPO Astana 2017

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone:



Government: DEMOCRATIC

Official Languages: ENGLISH

Inhabitants Number: 7

Expo Commissioner: PHILIP CONTEH

Pavilion informations: Showcasing our national capacity in Solar power and renewable energies. With over 70 percent of sunshine year round, Sierra Leone is a real destination for Solar energy investment . Agriculture is very important for our economy and the abudance untapped potential is available to be explored and is uniquely showcased by the abudance of greenry in our pavilion presentation. Mining is also a thriving sector and with abundance opportunity for mining Diamonds, gold, bauxite, iron ore, Sierra Leone presents a huge investment and bussiness opportunity. Just recently, we discovered a 709 carat uncut diamond and there is so much more from whetre all these came from. Our message is a message of great hope and high optimism for the future, and Sierra Leone is waiting on all of you to discover HER exceptional opportunity. With a highly democratic and stable governance structures, friendly people and perharps the most investment friendly nation on earth, YOU ARE OUR NEXT GUEST- WELCOME TO THE LAND OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY.

Additional informations:

  • Regular bussiness to bussiness meetings and intensive bussiness outreach
  • Regular specific country events to showcase our main sectors and the opportunities for bussiness and investment, on a weekly basis
  • regular visit from Sierra Leone by specific sectoral heads and company heads