EXPO Astana 2017


EXPO BtoBe combines the companies’ internationalization needs with business opportunities emerging from Expo Astana 2017 and it represents a privileged site to build and develop business relations and to find B2B partners during the event.

Through the registration, companies will have access to:
  • The matching service with profiled foreign companies
  • A set of publications and insights on internationalization
  • The calendar of the main business events during the Expo

Moreover, the Matching algorithm of the platform matches companies’ needs based on an “affinity” index, so that companies can get:
  • Notifications of potential partners to meet during the Expo, matched by the algorithm
  • Online confirmation of each proposed meeting with companies
  • Research of companies from other foreign countries, through the “Worldwide Research” service.

Networking opportunities and scheduled business meetings with our professional staff support, taking advantage of the participation at the Expo, in dedicated spaces inside the manifestation:
  • Personalized B2B meetings with the selected companies
  • Support of specialized resources for each meeting.

This platform, which has received the endorsement from the Bureau International des Exposition – BIE and the official B2B platform during Expo Milano 2015, is a full visibility solution that offers a collaborative environment to Countries participating in the Expo. EXPO BtoBe is the official B2B platform of Expo Astana 2017, managed by e-venti Kazakhstan, which is Expo Partner and which follows b2b activities, with a 360° service.
The registration is the first step to enter EXPO BtoBe.

Registration on the BtoBe Platform is free of charge for Kazakh companies
The registration fee on the BtoBe Platform for non-Kazakh companies is 250 €
Fee includes:
  • Profiling and use of the platform services
  • One b2b meeting
The algorithm of the platform matches companies’ needs and search criteria on the basis of more than 10 parameters. When the affinity between companies’ characteristics and search criteria is higher than 50%, the platform elaborates a list of potential meetings, which, once verified, are scheduled during Expo Astana 2017.
When a new meeting is proposed, the platform alerts the company, which has up to 48 hours before the scheduled time to:
  • browse on the portal companies that the platform reported as compatible, according to the company’s search criteria, and proposed for meetings
  • select the company or companies of interest confirm, through a dedicated flag, the availability for the meetings (up to a maximum of six meetings per day)
In case the company does not make any change to the suggested meetings, the schedule is considered as definitive.
When a meeting is confirmed, the non-Kazakh company is required to pay a fee of 250 euro. If the non-Kazakh company is registered through an aggregator it is only required for it to provide credit card details, and in case of no-show at the meeting, it will be charged a penalty.
Once the company has given availability to meet a counterpart, it has also the possibility to look for partners coming from other countries, through the “Worldwide Research” service.

Payables are to be intended exclusive of VAT, if due.