EXPO Astana 2017

Worldwide Research service

Description of service

The “Worldwide Research” service allows companies to search non-Kazakh companies already registered to the platform, in order to obtain a list of companies according to a set of search criteria and identify opportunities for meeting during Expo Astana 2017.
Search queries can be carried out without limits from the date of activation of the service until the end of Expo Astana 2017.
The result consists in a list of companies with an affinity of at least 50%., including some related information (i.e. country and industry of the companies) and compatibility in terms of dates for a meeting during their stay in Milan.
The company has the option to purchase the complete profile of the target enterprise(s), in respect of the following fees:
  • 150 euro in case the target company is available in Expo Astana 2017 on the same dates and therefore available for meeting
  • 100 euro in case the target company is not available on the same dates

Throughout the period, each company may purchase up to a maximum of 30 reports related to other foreign companies

The Benefits

The “Worldwide Research” service allows the companies to:
  • join Expo BtoBe International Community getting the opportunity to create business partnership with other international operators
  • benefit from additional services that will be priced individually according to specific companies requirements. The available additional services for organization of the meeting are available in respect of the following fee:
  • logistics services : 100 euro for each meeting
  • cross-cultural mediation services : 100 euro for each meeting

The logistic and cross-cultural mediation costs will be borne by the company who will have requested the meeting.